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New Web Hosting Packages Launched

Jul 30, 2016

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New Web Hosting Packages Available


This month we have updated our web hosting packages. While we have always offered web hosting services to our own web design customers, we are now offering the service to non design customers too. In addition we have extended the range to three different web hosting packages. Furthermore, we now also offer the option to pay monthly rather than yearly.

Key Features


All of our web hosting packages are for shared hosting on Raid 6, SSD drives. As a result our hosting is up to 20 times faster than hosts who use spinning drives. They come with 99.9% uptime guarantees and a money back guarantee should we fail to meet that target in any month. You get full cPanel access with unlimited email addresses and ftp accounts. In addition you also get unlimited MySQL databases.

All of the cPanel features are user friendly and east to operate. You also get 24 hour technical support, 7 days a week. As well as all of this, you also receive help in transferring files from your existing server. The emphasis of our hosting service is on quality and reliability. There are many low cost web hosting services available, but most sacrifice reliability to achieve that low cost. However, we never make that compromise. While other hosts sacrifice quality for cost, we have looked at what our customers actually need.

How Do We Manage To Offer Both High Quality And Low Cost?


A low cost service that does not meet your requirements is not value for many. Instead we recognised that the vast majority of web hosting customers pay for server space and bandwidth that they never use. The average web page is now 2.5 MB in size. Most small business websites have no more than 10 pages. As a result, most small business websites will only take up about 25-30 MB of disk space. And yet the vast majority of web hosting customers are paying for unlimited disk space. While websites using databases such as ecommerce software or wordpress will take up far more space, there is still no need to pay for unlimited disk space for most businesses.

However, one proviso to factor into how much disk space you need is images. As people view your website on many different sizes of screen, so your server cache will store many different sizes of each image on your site. This means that when you calculate how much disk space you need that this needs to be accounted for. We have given examples of the type of site that each package is ideal for. If your website or web traffic grows over time then we can easily move you up to the next package without any loss of service.

In terms of bandwidth there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. It simply isn’t possible. Despite this many hosting companies offer it. Except that they don’t. They advertise unlimited bandwidth but then sneak in a clause about reasonable usage – without ever telling you what reasonable usage is. With our web hosting packages you see exactly what is available. The amount you get is the amount advertised.

Which Of Our Web Hosting Packages Is Best For You?


Standard Web Hosting


This is ideal for a personal website or a small commercial website with only a few pages. This package is not suitable for ecommerce websites or a website with lots of images. An ideal starter pack for businesses making their first step into the online world with a small brochure site.

Business Hosting


This is the package that the vast majority of small businesses require. Ideal for a website with 5+ pages, a small wordpress installation or a small ecommerce site. This package is not suitable for a website with nore than 25 pages or for a high traffic site.

Enterprise Hosting


This is the hosting plan for larger wordpress installations and ecommerce sites. This package also suits medium size sites with relatively high traffic.If any of our existing customers found a need to upgrade from this package then we can accommodate that. However, we don’t currently advertise larger hosting packages to new customers.

Get In Touch


If you would like to know more about our web hosting packages, or you are interested in transferring your existing hosting, then please feel free to contact us and ask for more information. We are more than happy to discuss any questions you have.

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