Mobile Websites

Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

The increasing numbers of people viewing websites on mobile devices created a demand for mobile website design, optimised for viewing on mobile devices. These mobile websites are separate websites to a company’s main website, and run alongside the desktop version, automatically displaying when accessed from a mobile device.

The demand is now falling for companies to have a mobile website, as responsive websites now automatically respond to the device they are being viewed on. As a result, we no longer off exclusively mobile websites.

Responsive Website Design

We can, however, create responsive sites that are optimised for primary use on a mobile device if you have a specific product that you believe will be viewed primarily on mobile devices. Usually a standard responsive website will meet all of your mobile requirements.

These responsive websites display an optimised version of the site for the device the website is viewed on. In addition, search engines have started to discriminate against mobile sites in favour of responsive sites.

Responsive website design also removes the need to build and maintain two separate websites, so saving on both time and costs.

The availability of responsive web design services now leaves very little need to own a mobile website. Many people argue that maintaining a separate mobile website could actually be harmful to your business.

A separate mobile website can lead to a number of problems. These include diluting your search engine ranking, difficulties in sharing pages and articles, an increase in 404 errors and many more. None of these issues are healthy for your business or website.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between mobile website design and responsive web design, then please contact Castle Design Solutions. We will be please to explain how a responsive website design can benefit your business, as well as providing all of the features of a mobile website.