Ecommerce Websites

ecommerce websites - web design company in wallsend

The market for goods and services purchased online continues to grow at a rapid rate. Well designed eCommerce websites allow small businesses to compete with larger businesses on a level footing. Our expert web designers can produce highly effective ecommerce websites that allow you to trade online and take advantage of this huge market. Although this type of site will involve a greater initial outlay than a simple brochure site the rewards can be enormous.

There are two types of ecommerce store that your company can use. Hosted or non-hosted.

Hosted Ecommerce Websites

Hosted solutions, such as shopify or Etsy, are hosted entirely on the software developers own servers. The advantages of this is that they provide around the clock support should you ever encounter any difficulties. The disadvantages are that you usually have to pay a monthly fee and they can be expensive.

Castle Design Solutions can help you customise your hosted online store. The amount of customisations allowed depend on the software program being used. Most software allows an element of customer branding and customisation.

Non-Hosted Ecommerce Websites

For more advanced sites we can create a themed store of unlimited size, with full stock control and database integration capabilities. Dependant upon project budget, these sites can use existing themed templates right through to bespoke creations designed to customer specifications.

Castle Design Solutions able to integrate a large variety of ecommerce software into your website. These include, but are not limited to, Woocommerce, Magento Ecommerce, OpenCart and ZenCart. We will be happy to advise you on which software works best for your individual store requirements. Our designers will also advise you which solutions incur a monthly fee and which ones are free after the initial design stage.

Ecommerce websites - ecommerce website design in Wallsend

An Ecommerce Solution For Every Budget

Whatever the size of your company, your store, or your web design budget, then we can offer an ecommerce solution for you. We promise to offer you the most appropriate solution for your company. There is now a large enough range of ecommerce software to allow any company to compete on level terms with an online store. Give us a call today to find out more about our ecommerce websites.