Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Website Design

What Is A Dynamic Website?

There are two types of website. Static websites display their content exactly as the web designer has coded it. Static websites always look the same each time you visit. Dynamic websites are not constant. Dynamic websites alter their appearance depending on who is looking at them, the browser or device used, where in the world they are, and what time of day it is.

In some ways all responsive websites are dynamic. Their appearance alters depending on the device. However, for the purposes of our product range, a dynamic site refers to websites that use coding that allows the site visitor to have an input into the appearance or content of a site.

Examples of dynamic websites are websites that require the visitor to make inputs to choose the content. An estate agent’s website would be a good example of this. The user chooses content by location, price band, number of bedrooms, etc. Similarly, websites that offer a quotation service, booking forms, subscription services or content filters are all examples of dynamic websites.

How Dynamic Websites Work


Dynamic websites use server-sided coding to fetch the page content from a database. This coding can be in script languages such as PHP, ASP, Javascript, etc. The inputs from the site visitor can be active input, such as inputting answers into a form or choosing from a choice of filters.

How Dynamic Websites Work

They can also be passive input, such as identifying signals sent from the viewing device or browser. Once the server receives the user inputs it then fetches the relevant content from the database. This allows content to be drawn from very large databases and then be presented in easily read formats. Irrelevant content is filtered out and the user is left looking only at the information they require.

Do I Need A Dynamic Website?

Some businesses require a more complex online presence than a simple brochure site. This is often the case when you want to show a changing product range or require some level of interaction with your internet customers. We can incorporate database information into your website that allows you to meet these requirements. As with all of our services, we will offer expert advice on how to get everything you want out of such a site at a high level of quality and professionalism, without losing sight of affordability.

Businesses who wish to display a large product range on a website almost certainly need a dynamic website to make the website user friendly. The same applies to companies who wish to include booking forms that accurately reflect up to date availability information.

There are many different levels as to how complex a dynamic site needs to be. We can create sites that carry out simple calculations based upon only a few inputs, right through to highly complex dynamic websites that tie together several different areas of input and database information. No task is too large or too complex.