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Content Writing

Once you have decided that you want a website, agreed on the design of the site, and then have us create that site for you, then the most important decision that you need to make is what to put into your website content.

Your website content can be critical in determining the success of your site. Think about what purpose you want the site to fulfil and what message you wish to convey. When writing website content use words that reflect the nature of your business and words that attract appropriate visitors to your site. Search engines base a lot of their ranking system on the content of the site. At the same time, try to avoid filling your site with keywords. The content must be readable. The most important visitor to your site is the potential customer – not the search engine robot!

If you do not feel comfortable writing your own website content, we offer a content writing service at very reasonable prices. Our writers are experts at optimising the content for both readability and search engine ranking.

We recommend that each web page contains between 250 and 500 words.

Website Images

Its not just the wording of your site that will have an impact upon your site visitors. The imagery used on the site will also prove important in fashioning the impression of your company or organisation that the visitor forms after seeing your site.

When providing images for us to use on your site, make sure that they are of a high quality. Minor imperfections can become magnified when transferred onto a webpage, and can give an unprofessional impression of your company.

Photographer for web design

Stock images are images that can be purchased under license for use on your site if you do not have your own high quality images for use. All stock images are high quality and professional. Stock images can be purchased upon request. We can provide individual stock photos from Adobe Stock for any purpose.

It is important that the images on your new website reflect the content of the site. There is no value in filling a site with images just for the sake of it. Choose images that will portray the right impression and will attract visitors to purchase your goods or services.

It is your responsibility that any images you provide are free from copyright and available for publication on your site.

Should you require the services of a professional photographer we can reccomend one to you. Alternatively, if you wish to find your own photographer to take high quality original photographs, you can do so at