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Some websites require regular updating. This can be a major stumbling block to small business as there is usually a charge attached to making changes to your website. An alternative to paying for site updates is to have a Content Management System (CMS) incorporated into the site. Content Management Systems are user-friendly software systems that allow the user to update the system as often as they wish without the need to pay for changes.

Once your website is designed and published you are given access to the content management system dashboard. This allows you to safely create pages, edit content and add images. You are locked out of the theme editor (unless you request otherwise) so that no matter what you do your website design is safe.

Content Management Systems

We offer websites with either the WordPress or Joomla! content management systems. With a CMS site, you get a fully designed website theme that can be updated or added to as often as you wish. All new pages you create will automatically have the same design theme as all of the existing pages. As part of the design package we will help you set up your initial pages.

Castle Design Solutiuons provide all of our content management system customers with detailed instructions for their application. Each set of instructions is individually tailored to the company’s website and the specific functions installed.

The content management system dashboard settings will be set to allow each user an appropriate level of permisions. This allows you to have a number of users who can update different elements or sections of the website. It also allows the client’s overall permissions to be set at a level that reflects their confidence at updating the site.

Advantages of CMS

The investment in a content management system for your website design brings many advantages over a traditional website.

  • Greater flexibility to promote short-term offers and events
  • Easier to keep fresh and up to date
  • No website management charges
  • The ability to add new pages and sections as your business expands and develops
  • Increased website effectiveness as changes can be made to the website based on visitor and customer feedback

All customers who purchase a website with a content management system will be given full training in the use of the software included in their web design package.

Content Management Systems