Website Features & Add-ons

As well as the basic style of your website, there are other options that you can add to your website to make the web page more appealing. You can improve the functionality of your website by adding website features to your site. Adding website features increases usability and appeal for the website visitor.

Additional features can also add to your website’s effectiveness at interacting with customers. This gives you more opportunities to convert website visitors into customers.

We will advise you of any website features that would be beneficial to your website when we are discussing your goals for your website. Each feature we recommend should have the ability to increase your website effectiveness and conversion rates.

The following list of optional website features is not exhaustive, but shows the most common add-ons that we are asked to provide.

Website Features

Communication Add Ons

Offering ways to communicate with your customers and for them to communicate with you can make a website much more effective. The less effort required by the site visitor to send or receive this communication also increases the likelihood that information will reach its intended target. To this end, we can create contact forms, file upload forms, newsletters, news sections, blogs, RSS feeds and live chat features.

Imaging Add-Ons

A common request for site add-ons is a photo gallery management system. This is popular with people who use a lot of images on their websites to display product ranges, or to show examples of work carried out.

Another popular image add-on is to add google maps to your website to show where your business is located.

We can also supply Adobe Stock images for your website. Stock images are the ideal alternative to hiring a photographer to create images for your website.

Search Options

We can build search engines into your site that will allow visitors to search either within your site, or across the web as a whole.

Multimedia Options

If you have video or music/sound files that you would like incorporated into your site, then these can be embedded onto the page to add to the visitor experience.

PayPal Integration

For small companies, or for companies with only a few products to sell online, then paypal integration is a cost effective alternative to a full scale ecommerce site.

Scripting Options

For some websites, it is advantageous to include website features that will instruct the site visitor what to do at a particular point of their site navigation, such as when you need them to provide further information in a form. For others, it can be helpful to the visitor to have use of simple instant calculators to calculate a quote or amount of product required. We can offer a number of instant calculators and estimators, special custom forms and scripting options to provide information to site visitors.

Graphic Design Add-Ons


Logo Design

Website features are not limited to web development. It is always advisable to have your company logo on any website created for you. If you already have a company logo stored on a digital file then this can be used on your website. However, many companies either have no logo, or only have it in paper format.

Whether you already have a logo or not, we are able to create digital logos that can be used on the website. We can create these logos as vector diagrams, which means that these files can then be used by you across all forms of media from the website, to printing, to large scale sign writing. All graphic files created by us for you become your property.

We also undertake bespoke graphic design projects for any aspect of imaging that you would like to appear on your site.

Search Engine Optimisation Add-Ons


SEO At Design Stage

This is possibly the most important of all the additional website features. Give your new website a competitive edge by including our package for search engine optimisation at design stage. With this package we will carry out keyword research for you, build the site around optimal keywords and optimise your content. This package will give your new website a boost for search engine rankings right from the off.

All new websites created by us will have basic SEO included during the design stage, but the SEO at design stage option includes extra features.