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May 13, 2015

Web Design Newsletter

Web Design Newsletter

Castle Design Solutions now has a web design newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with all web related news that could affect your small business. The aim of the newsletter is to bring relevant news to your email inbox. We will try and pick out the most important web design news and pass it on to you. The purpose of the newsletter is to bring to your attention any web design news that may affect your business.

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What’s In The Newsletter?

Being a web design newsletter, the newsletter will contain any web design stories that we believe could affect small business. In particular, it will include news stories that report issues likely to impact upon the success of your company website and online trading. Anything that could be relevant to you.

Web Design Newsletter Sign-up

We will only include the stories that have caught our eye. It is easy to miss important issues regarding web design. This is especially true if your day to day trading does not involve web design. Little changes can have a big impact on your business website. If you are not prepared for these changes then your company can suffer. We help you reduce that risk by sifting through the news for you.

However, in the strictest sense, it will not just be a web design newsletter. We will also include any important news about search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and blogging. Issues that could affect your website’s search engine ranking are issues you should know about. How many companies knew nothing about ‘mobilegeddon’ before it happened? How many still don’t for that matter?

There will also be a section keeping you up to date with the latest news from Castle Design Solutions and our latest web design projects. There will also be links to the blog posts of that week.

Other Ways To Keep Up To Date


We know some of you like to keep up to date on a daily basis. As well as our newsletter, we also post important industry news on our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed.

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Newsletter Suggestions


If you have specific topics you would like to see covered in the newsletter then please let us know. We are here to help you. We know that by helping you we build our own brand reputation. It is our interests to help you.

Our web design newsletter is created with you in mind. We hope you subscribe.

Updated Website – New Content And New Services

Our New Updated Website

Here at Castle Design Solutions we now have a new updated website. The new website design is easier to navigate no matter what device you are using to view our website. It also lists the brand new services that we off to our web design customers.

Happy New Year – Get The Most from Web Design In 2017

Web Design 2017

Is your website fit for purpose in 2017? How long is it since you last checked it or updated it? Find out why a neglected website could be bad news for your business, and what you can do to prevent it. Get fit for 2017.

New Web Hosting Packages Launched

New Web Hosting Packages Available

This month we have updated our web hosting packages. While we have always offered web hosting services to our own web design customers, we are now offering the service to non design customers too.