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Updated Website – New Content And New Services

Mar 27, 2017

updated website

Here at Castle Design Solutions we now have a new updated website. The new website design is easier to navigate no matter what device you are using to view our website. It also lists the brand new services that we off to our web design customers.

What’s New On Our Updated Website?

First of all we have made the website much easier to view and navigate on mobile devices. While we have always had a website designed for easy viewing on mobiles, our updated website now has improved user experience on mobile phones. With more and more people now using smartphones to visit our website we decided to improve the mobile menu. The pages are now also grouped in a way to better suit visitors on mobile phones.

As well as improving the mobile experience, we have also increased the loading speed of the website. It is always tempting for a web designer to show off as many website features as possible on their own website. However, most small business owners are aware of web design features available for websites. The result of adding too many features to a web page is to slow down the loading speed of that web page.

updated Website

Visitors need to access information quickly and without delay. Therefore we have simplified the website layout. This means that the pages will load quicker and you can find the information you need quicker. From now on we will no longer have twitter and facebook updates on our website pages. However, our landing page and contact pages still contain links to all of our social media channels.

New Landing Page – Less Is More

On the previous version of our website, the landing page was simply a slider that showed off as many of our services as possible. This meant that the website effectively had two home pages. Feedback suggested this confused visitors. Now the landing page is a distinct home page. All of our most important services are still listed on the home page. However, these services are now listed in easy to navigate bullet points. This means you can reach the page you need easier.

Secondly, we now have two different versions of our landing page for visitors on desktops and mobile devices. Because of this, mobile visitors will not face unnecessary bandwidth usage. Data use is a real concern for people using mobile phones to view websites. Our updated website will reduce the data usage for smartphone visitors. At the same time, those viewing the updated website on desktops see a more visually pleasing website.

In addition, our desktop landing page now includes a video background, This video shows a tiny drop of water dripping into a pool of water. From there ripples spread outwards. Of course there is a meaning behind this video.

So What Is That Video All About?

As you will notice if you view our website on a desktop, the landing page now contains a background video. So what is this video all about? What does it mean?

For small business owners, purchasing a professionally designed website is a big investment. Because of that you need to know that your website will make an impact. Once the website goes live you need to see a return on your investment. But how do you measure the impact your website is having on your business?

Obviously the video is intended as a metaphor. While it is difficult for a small business to make a large instant impact on the marketplace, this doesn’t mean that there is no impact. The result of having a well designed website is organic growth. This means that your website increases your visibility gradually. From small beginnings your marketing grows one drop at a time. Or one visitor at a time even.

From what seem small beginnings, your presence grows with an increasing flow of visitors to your website. Moreover, the effects of each visit grow. As word spreads about the services you offer so your business grows. In addition, each piece of information your website offers spreads out in a ripple effect. While the initial impact is small, the ripples continue to grow and spread far and wide. This ripple effect is the real power of a well designed website for small business.

New Services

There are two main services that feature far more prominently on our updated website. Firstly, our web hosting services have been expanded. As well as continuing to offer our web hosting services to web design clients, we now also offer our hosting services to brand new customers. This means that small businesses can now host their existing websites on our affordable and reliable servers. The updated website provides far more detail on the web hosting services we offer.

Secondly, our SEO services now feature more products. The updated website highlights the range of search engine optimisation services on offer. We are continuing to expand the SEO services provided. We offer both on-page and off-page SEO services. These services will help improve your search engine ranking. All of our SEO services are ethical, and designed to provide sustainable organic growth to your business visibility.

New Improved Blog


updated website

We want you to find it as easy as possible to stay up to date with all of our latest news and blog posts. In order to help you do that, we have improved the layout of our blog. Rather than having to navigate back to the main blog page you can now access our most recent blog posts from whichever blog post you are currently viewing. Each blog post contains details and links of our most recent blog posts. In addition, all of these links contain an improved summary of each post’s contents.

As well as the links within the blog posts, the updated website also has a new blog archive section. Many of our blog posts are intended to provide timeless advice and tips. Because of this we know that you won’t just want to access our most recent posts. Therefore, it is now easier to search for older blog posts. This means that you can access relevant web design and marketing advice and tips whenever you want.

Easier To Get In Touch

Finally, it is now far easier to get in touch with Castle Design Solutions. Most importantly, you don’t need to navigate away from the page you are on to contact us. All of our most popular services now have a contact form on the page you are viewing. If you have a question about our services then it makes sense to have access to the information you are asking about as you fill in the contact form. We want our website to be as easy to use as possible. More importantly, we want you to find it as easy as possible to use our services. This means that we want te encourage you to get in touch with us.

If you have any feedback on the updated website design then let us know. We want to hear from you!

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