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Twitter Tips: Why I Always Unfollow Back

May 28, 2015

Unfollow Back – Everytime!


Twitter is full of people and businesses looking for more followers. For some it is a question of vanity. For others it may add to status or perceived value. On Twitter it should be all about spreading your business message. Twitter should be integral to your overall social media strategy. Active followers are an audience ready to hear your marketing message. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to attract new followers. Employing the wrong way to attract followers sets off alarms in my head. If they are underhand about this then how safe are their tweets? Do I want to be associated with this account? That is why I always unfollow back.

Twitter Tips

Unfollow Back The Follow-Unfollow Sneak


Knowing which accounts to follow and unfollow can be difficult. It isn’t always easy to make a snap decision. Many people struggle to create a followers policy. Do I follow everyone back? Do I only follow a few? There are pros and cons on both side. There is, however, one group of tweeters it is easy to unfollow.

The follow-unfollow sneak thinks you are stupid. In fact, their low opinion of you is only outdone by their low opinion of themselves. They may think you are stupid, but they see themselves as worthless. They have no belief in their own ability. They do not think they have anything valuable to offer. They know you wouldn’t follow them if they didn’t try to cheat. If they don’t believe in themselves then why should you believe in them?

The follow-unfollow sneak will follow you in the hope of a follow back. They know that 40% of follows result in a follow back. The really stupid ones will unfollow you almost as soon as you have followed them back. However, most will wait a few days, or even weeks, in the hope that you wont notice. They have no interest in you or what you say. You are merely another number in the followers column.

I believe it is important to always unfollow back these people. Everytime their tactics work they are encouraged to do it again. These people offer nothing to the Twitter community. They should not be encouraged.

Keep Track of Followers and Unfollowers


The follow-unfollow sneak relies on you not keep track of your followers. It is almost impossible to keep track without help. There are a number of platforms available to keep track of your followers. For most people and companies, the free options are enough. I use There are many others out there. These platforms help you keep track of new followers and unfollowers. They are the follow-unfollow sneaks nemesis. Without them it would be very difficult to know you unfollow back everytime.

Unfollow Back The Genuine Unfollower


Twitter Tips

Not every unfollower is acting in an underhand way. Sometimes we need to accept that we are not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone will be interested. Not everyone will like us.

People may follow you based on an interesting tweet or conversation. However, over the course of a few days, or even a few weeks, it becomes apparent that we are not that interesting to them. That is life. Not everyone will be a fan. Not everybody needs or wants to follow your brand.

I still unfollow back these genuine unfollowers too.

For a business, Twitter is a marketing tool. The ratio of followers and those we follow is limited. If somebody has decided to unfollow your business Twitter account then they are unlikely to be interested in your business. Time to move on. Do not tie up a valuable follower space with someone uninterested in your business. Unfollow back.

If the unfollower owns an account that adds value to your twitter feed then add them to a list. Twitter lists are ideal for keeping up to date with the genuine unfollowers that you unfollow back.

What do you think? Do you agree? Is it right to always unfollow back or should there be exceptions? For now I will continue to always unfollow back.

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