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May 30, 2015

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10 Twitter Bio Ideas From Top Social Media Experts

Via @TheSocialQuant

Twitter Tips

Whether you’re just getting started on Twitter or if you’ve been using the platform for a while, we all have room for improvement.

Check out these 10 Twitter bio ideas from some leading social media influencers.

1.) Tell people exactly what you do.

This may seem obvious but you would be surprised by the number of people who don’t tell you much about what they do in their bios.

Kim Garst tells her Twitter followers that she’s a “social selling pro, Twitter expert, bestselling author and speaker.” Instead of putting her bio in paragraph form, she has created a list to save on characters and highlighted her many different accomplishments and skill sets. You can even take this a step further and tell people things you’ve done in the past that lend credibility to what you do today.

Tips & Tricks To Craft Compelling Twitter Content

Via @mavsocial

Twitter Tips

These days Twitter is situated well within the echelons of social media giants. Twitter already has an astounding 555 million users and these numbers are growing each and every day. It is estimated that roughly 135,000 new people create a Twitter account daily.

Roughly 18% of all online adults use the micro-blogging site and the majority of users seem to fall within the 18 to 29 demographic. All in all, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and if you haven’t already now is the time to add it to your repotoire.

The trick to social media success isn’t just using Twitter; it is using Twitter well. So what’s the secret to Twitter success? It’s simple: consumer engagement. You want customers to engage and interact with the content you are posting.

Twitter engagement can essentially be broken down into four basic categories: a customer following your brand, having a customer “retweet” your brand’s post, having a customer “favorite” your brand’s post, and a customer tagging your brand in a tweet.

How To Increase The Click Through Rate Of Your Tweets

Via @thecounter

Twitter Tips

Follower growth, retweets and mentions are some of the metrics you should definitely consider when defining your Twitter success. But the click-through rate of your tweets, in other words the number of clicks on the links you share on Twitter, is equally important.

Wondering how to get people to click on your links on Twitter? Social media science has the answer! Let’s have a look:

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Updated Website – New Content And New Services

Updated Website – New Content And New Services

Our New Updated Website

Here at Castle Design Solutions we now have a new updated website. The new website design is easier to navigate no matter what device you are using to view our website. It also lists the brand new services that we off to our web design customers.

Happy New Year – Get The Most from Web Design In 2017

Happy New Year – Get The Most from Web Design In 2017

Web Design 2017

Is your website fit for purpose in 2017? How long is it since you last checked it or updated it? Find out why a neglected website could be bad news for your business, and what you can do to prevent it. Get fit for 2017.

New Web Hosting Packages Launched

New Web Hosting Packages Launched

New Web Hosting Packages Available

This month we have updated our web hosting packages. While we have always offered web hosting services to our own web design customers, we are now offering the service to non design customers too.

Gym Website Design

Gym Website Design

Unique Fitness North East Website Now Live

UFNE is a thriving community gym based in Howdon, North Tyneside. The Gym offers both fitness and combat classes. It also provides access to open gym sessions for those wanting to train alone. It now has a brand new website.