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The First Post – Who Needs A Blog Anyway?

Apr 22, 2015

Do I Need A Blog

Who Needs A Blog? – I Do!

As I spend my time advising small business owners to set up a blog, extolling both the marketing and SEO opportunities it provides, I thought that it was about time I added a blog to my own site. Then again – who needs a blog anyway? Well it turns out that I do and what better time to start it than when updating the layout of the site?

So here it is…..the first post!

A good question to ask is why is it that I recommend small businesses to answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘who needs a blog anyway?’ What is it that a blog can offer your business to make it worthwhile adding another item to your already lengthy to-do list? I would suggest that the list of benefits to owning a blog is guaranteed to be longer than your to-do list, making it a no-brainer that setting one up is a task worth doing.

Who Needs A Blog? – You do!

Setting up a blog is not difficult and does not require a great deal of time. There are a number of platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, that can have you up and running with a blog within a few minutes. Basic customisation is simple, and if you don’t get the look right at the first time of asking then you can always go back later and try again, without losing any of your content. If you really aren’t confident about setting one up, or you want it set up to match your website and/or be a part of your website, then design companies such as Castle Design Solutions offer inexpensive services to set your blog up for you and even integrate it into your main business website.

Once your blog is set up you can begin blogging immediately. Getting started, and knowing what to blog about, may seem daunting at first but it shouldn’t. If you run a small business then you are an expert in your field. You may not feel like an expert much of the time, but you are and there is never any shortage of people wanting to hear the thoughts of an expert. Your thoughts, advice and services are relevant – and best of all they are relevant to people who need your services. Blog about the things you are good at and you will be found by people actively seeking out your services. It turns out that the person who needs a blog – your blog – most of all is your potential customer! There are few advertising techniques that can offer that sort of audience.

The Benefits Of The Small Business Blog

Search engines love new content. They also love content that is relevant to your business. Adding a blog to your website compliments your website by providing an inexpensive method of adding new content as often as you want. Each new blog post provides the fresh content that boosts your website’s ranking with the search engines. Writing posts about your own goods and services provides the relevance that brings potential customers to your site.

A well designed blog can also add personality to your website. Business websites are, by their very nature, often very formal and professional in their tone and appearance. Blog posts tend to be more informal and are an excellent way to convey the personality behind your company.

One of the reasons that many business owners put off writing a blog is that they feel reluctant to expose a perceived weakness in writing skills. However, that perceived weakness may even be a strength when it comes to blogging. Jim Blasingame, writing for Forbes said “Truth: Research shows customers prefer the thoughts and benefit from the experience and wisdom of the non-professional writer they know — that’s you — than those of a smart alec wordsmith like me.

Truth: Research shows customers prefer the thoughts and benefit from the experience and wisdom of the non-professional writer they know — that’s you — than those of a smart alec wordsmith like me.

For those who have genuine concerns about their writing skills, or even for those who struggle to find the time to post regularly enough to maintain fresh content on the blog, there are professional blog writers who can provide well written content on a subject of your choice. These services are often inexpensive and can provide on demand blogging posts, or a back catalogue of articles to post at times when you just can’t spend a spare half hour to sit in front of your computer.

Another advantage of a blog is that it draws visitors to your website from a much wider geographical area than would call into your business to ask advice in person. If you provide goods or services that can be sold to customers nationally – or even internationally – then your blog posts provide national and international advertising to potential customers. As the internet continues to shrink the world then more and more customers are willing to use remote providers of goods and services who they can connect to online once they become confident that the provider is able to deliver the right goods and services.

Don’t Just Start A Blog – Keep It Going!

Maintaining a blog does not need to be an onerous exercise. Regular and informed short posts are more beneficial than occasional long articles. Each have their place, and so your blog posting can be shaped by your available time. When time becomes too precious then guest writers and blog post providers can take up the slack.

Once established, your blog will attract visitors to your website who are already potential customers – potentially from all over the world. As your blog progresses and grows you will build the credibility of your expertise, and in turn of your business, and increase the possibilities of turning potential customers into real customers. And isn’t that exactly what small business is all about?

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