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A well designed website is so much more than what the website visitor sees on their screen. Of course, the most important aspect of web design is to make your website attractive to visitors, and easy to use once they arrive at your site. It is also important that once they arrive the website is designed to convert those visitors into customers. However, even for the best designed websites, getting visitors to your website is the hardest part. In order to get the most out of your website, and maximise the benefit to your company, you need to make sure that as many people as possible are visiting your site. That is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in.

At Castle Design Solutions we offer a large range of high quality and ethical SEO services, all designed to attract more visitors to your website. Our SEO packages have been carefully put together to offer affordable search engine optimisation to every size of organisation. We offer both on-page and off-page optimisation services, to ensure your website is optimally built and marketed to increase your website conversion rates.


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All of our search engine optimisation services are fully Google compliant and 100% ‘white hat’. We never lose sight of the fact that the most important visitors to your website are your potential customers and not search engines. Our SEO packages lead to organic and sustainable growth in your website’s visibility and improved search engine ranking.

Our highly skilled analysts will create an SEO programme tailored to your company’s requirements. All of our work will involve combining multiple SEO techniques that compliment each other rather than focusing all of our efforts in just one area.

Search engine algorithms are continually changing, and as they do so our SEO services evolve to ensure that you get the very best value for money from your website marketing budget. Our services remain flexible to your individual needs so that we can put together the optimal package to get you ranking highly for your target keywords.

White Hat Search Engine Optimisation

We can also target the search engine optimisation work at a local, national or international level so that you are only paying for the SEO work that you need. All work carried out will be based around your target customers, to ensure that you are not just achieving more visitors to your website, but rather the right visitors.

Ethical Search Engine Optimisation

In order to achieve the most effective optimisation of your website, and to maintain the organic growth of your search engine ranking, we can combine our main SEO services with Social Media marketing, blogging services, optimised content writing and pay-per-click advertising. The complete SEO strategy will be tailored to your marketing budget and you will receive regular updates and reports on the progress of your SEO campaign.

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Search engine optimisation work is not all about adding content, keywords and links. Sadly some companies fall victim to the many low quality SEO providers that use poor and unethical techniques in their work. If your website has fallen victim to one of these companies then Castle Design Solutions can help repair the damage done to your website. We offer recovery solutions to help improve your website’s reputation with the search engines. This can involve finding and removing poor quality links, re-writing pages to remove keyword spamming and other black hat techniques and, if required, we will work to remove any Google penalties your website has received.

The ‘Absolutely No Guarantees’ Guarantee!

No ethical SEO company can make a genuine ‘first page of Google’ guarantee. Search Engine Optimisation is a competitive business, and for many keywords there are more people paying for guaranteed first page results than there are first page places. We will make no such guarantee. Instead, we will make you a promise that all of our work will lead to long-term, positive results and an increase in your website’s visibility.

If you would like further information about the SEO services that we offer, and details of pricing and packages, then please get in touch with us today. Fill in the form below, stating in as much details as you can your SEO requirements. We will reply to you with advice and suggestions, along with pricing of the services that we feel would benefit you most.

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