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Gym Website Design

May 5, 2016

Gym Website Design – Unique Fitness North East

Gym Website Design

Unique Fitness North East’s new website is now live. UFNE is a thriving community gym based in Howdon, North Tyneside. The Gym offers both fitness and combat classes. It also provides access to open gym sessions for those wanting to train alone. The owners, Steve Sharp and Lee Graham, have seen the gym grow steadily since it first opened. Due to this growth they were looking to develop an online presence with a website.

Following my first meeting with owner Steve Sharp, I immediately noticed the sense of community and energy within the gym. I therefore wanted the theme of the website to reflect both of these attributes. The gym website design needed to represent the personality of the gym. Most of all it needed to attract others to join this community.

The Colour Scheme

Deciding on the colour scheme was easy. The gym is set out in striking tones of blue, black and grey, so it made sense that the website should tie in with that same colour scheme. As a result of using that colour scheme all of the website photographs complimented the website colours. In addition, the website sections were easy to distinguish too.

Because of the high energy within the gym I wanted the website images to be animated and to show as many action shots as possible. Another goal was to get as many gym members onto the website as possible. UFNE is all about the people who use the gym. Therefore the website needed to reflect this emphasis on its members.

Gym website design - the first page

Reflecting The Community Spirit

One of the most important themes of the website is reflecting the community spirit that exists within the gym. Most of all this gym is about people. Therefore all of the calls to action on the website were calls to join the community or calls to get involved. The website should make people want to join a community and not just a gym.

The gym website design reflected this goal. In order to achieve it the website contains images of gym members using the gym and taking part in classes. As well as being in the gym, the pictures show the sense of teamwork that exists in every aspect of gym life.

Gym website design - personal training
Gym website design - gym classes

Making The Gym Website Design Work

Finally, the most important role of the website is to attract members to the gym. In order to convert website visitors into paying customers, the gym website design includes lots of chances to get involved and join the gym. Most of all, taking up membership had to be an easy option. Every page includes a link to the membership page through a call to action. The website also includes sign up forms and a Par-Q form to help visitors take the first step to joining.

Also include on the website is a blog to allow the owners to publish fresh content to their gym members. The website includes CMS software to make updates easy and user friendly. As a result, the owners will find it easy to maintain a fresh and up to date website.

In conclusion, it was a pleasure working with Steve and Lee creating this website. Most importantly of all, I am sure this website will help them grow their business and continue to go from strength to strength – pun intended!

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