Company Branding

Graphic Design, as it relates to our customers, is better explained as company branding – marketing materials and tools. Company branding can be an excellent method of promoting a business. When it is done well it can promote brand awareness and increase not only sales but, more importantly, repeat sales.

Company Branding Design

Customers associate the brand with the product and are more likely to seek out the supplier when looking to make a purchase. Castle Design Solutions offers professionally created, high quality marketing tools and materials to help your business grow. Whether it’s a custom made logo to capture the essence of your business, a glossy brochure or flyer advertising goods and services, or something as simple as a business card or stationery we offer solutions tailored uniquely for your business.

Often these graphic design services are perceived as being the preserve of the large companies. Our aim is to offer affordable graphic design to the small business community, allowing you to compete with more opportunities for success. High quality company branding is available to any size of business.

Company Branding Graphic Design

All of the graphic design services we offer can be combined into a complete company branding. One easily recognisable logo and company identity across all of your marketing materials can create a positive impact on your customers and on your sales. The added benefit of doing everything in one go, is not only a smarter company image, but of course a more cost effective marketing strategy in the long term.

Unlike many other graphic design companies, when we create a design for you the files become your property. We do not keep a copyright for them or any claim upon them. The files are yours to use however you wish.

The Complete Company Branding Package

Again, unlike other graphic design companies, we can offer you the complete package from start to finish. Not only can our graphic design team create stunning designs for all of your company branding, but we also offer printing services enabling us to take care of everything from the original design concept all the way through until the finished products arrive on your doorstep.

Company Logo Design

Company Logo Design

Whether you have an existing logo, a rough idea of a logo or no idea at all, we can provide you with a professional, easy to use logo for all of your business needs. Many companies go to the expense of having a logo recreated for a specific purpose such as letterheads, business cards or a website. The drawback with most of these logos is that they are only suitable for the individual purpose for which they were created. When you try to reproduce them in a different size they lose resolution and quality, resulting in increased long term expense as they need to be redesigned for each purpose.

Our expert designers can advise you on the design of your logo and provide you with an electronic vector logo that can be reproduced as often as you need.

Logo Design

This logo will look just as good, and maintain the highest quality levels whether it is used on the smallest envelope, a sticker on the side of a company vehicle or even on a large sign above your company premises. As with all of our products, they are designed to save you money by getting it right the first time.

Business Card Design


Our business card design service provides you with high quality, unique cards that fit in exactly with your company image. This is a simple, but effective, way of showing that your company stands out from the crowd. It eliminates the danger that your business card gets lost in amongst all of the other printing booth produced cards.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Business Card Design


To compliment your new logo, to incorporate details of your new web presence, or as part of a general company re-branding, we can supply you with designs for customised stationery for any aspect of your business. Compliment slips, branded envelopes, letterheads, invoices, quotation sheets or industry specific forms can all be designed in a way that will meet your exact requirements and fit in with your company image. We can guarantee a design that will be unique to your company and that will help to promote your company branding, all at an affordable price.